Monday, June 22, 2009

The End

I guess this is my last post in Blogspot. MY initial intention for writing this blog is to chronicle my university life in China. But the unlucky thing is that China has banned its internet users from visiting I don't really understand why they did so (personally, i think its meaningless).
So, if you guys have any idea or recommendation for any blog sites that are accessible in China, do leave your messages here. I miss blogging. THANKS!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Sorry, guys for not updating my blog after such a long period of time. The whole school internet line was kind of disturbed and the connection was awful.

Me and a REAL specimen of human thorax!!

I'm getting myself busy lately because of some clubs and associations in the school. Activities and assignments are giving me headaches. Anyway, things will be okay and in order some time, so I'll have my free time to post something about my life in China.

So, that's all, folks. Till next time. Bye!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cold spring

Winter was last year and I was expecting Guangzhou to be a little bit warmer, but I was wrong.

This month is supposed to be spring and the weather should be warm and comfortable. The temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius (It's nothing if compared to other provinces in China, like Beijing), but still, I considered that VERY COLD!! I think I kinda get myself fully adapted with Malaysia's weather condition, so having myself in such a "cold" place after a 4 hours flight is still not enough for me to cope with it.

In spite of the weather, the scenery in my campus is marvelous (maybe a little bit exaggerated). The blossomy trees are eye-catching and I am really in love with them (cause I've never seen such scene before, except in TVs).

Here's a few pictures for your eyes to savour, hehe.

Somewhere near the Main gate (South Gate) and the Main Teaching Building.
On the way to our dorm, greenish leaves~
But suddenly disappeared after a few paces...
We saw this special tree somewhere in the campus, pink and white, special huh?
Hehe, cheese~
And myself, muahaha!